Democratic Government and Constitutional Jurisdiction (2022)


This book brings together a series of articles produced in recent years and contains elements that can provide a panoramic view of the most prominent discussions in constitutional law in our time. The book is divided in five main parts, each of them is an article and addresses issues related to constitutional law, democracy and institutions. It brings about the challenges that Brazil must confront as part of the process of constructing a free, just and compassionate society, this book is intended to be an additional tool for improving the country’s institutions. In the inevitable presence of doubts and dreams, we seek to offer alternatives in order to ensure that this project continues.

“A multidimensional roadmap for the future of constitutional democracy in Brazil. Drawing from influential ideas in law and government around the world, Lorenzetto and Cleve chart a course toward a more just, more free, and more equitable society. At once theoretical, doctrinal, comparative and aspirational, this book is an ode to the democratic values of fundamental rights, the separation of powers, and reconciliatory constitutionalism. And it comes at just the right time for Brazil and the world.”(Richard Albert, The University of Texas at Austin)



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Artigos Publicados em Periódicos

O Professor Clèmerson produziu uma série de artigos publicados em periódicos, todos relacionados detalhadamente em seu currículo Lattes, acessível no endereço CLÈVE, Clèmerson Merlin; FONTELES, S. S. . Mesas do Legislativo e reeleição. Migalhas, 07 dez. 2020. CLÈVE, Clèmerson Merlin. A democracia constitucional em período de tempestade. Revista Judiciária do Paraná, 01 nov. 2020. CLÈVE, Clèmerson […]

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